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We have a specific purpose working with our customers - to find the best employees that meet certain requirements as soon as possible. For each of the recruitment process, we have an individual approach. Often, the standard recruitment methods are insufficient.

How can we help you?

Stages of Recruitment Process at PBSG

We speak and verify the needs

We start the recruitment!

Time for selection

We present the candidates

Employment and Guarantee

At this stage, we are all ears. We want to find out what are our Client’s expectations regarding the ideal candidate.

Competency tests

At the customers’ request, we conduct competency tests for the candidates. Tests enable to select the candidates with the best skills. That type of tests and assessment of competences allow verifying sales abilities, logical and analytical thinking, and others. Conducting the tests is often necessary in order to choose the most appropriate candidate among those meeting the requirements. We adjust the tools of competence research to the purpose of the study:

Assessment Center One of the most reliable research on employee behavior. It is to solve tasks, individually or in a group under the guidance of an experienced assessor.

360-degree assessment Collecting feedback on the assessed employee from his/her co-workers, supervisors, and clients; usually as anonymous questionnaires. 360-degree feedback is used repeatedly or once. It helps in taking decisions regarding promotion, termination, or change the position of the employee.

Veranlagung - Explore a candidate's level of competence in the area concerned. Such kind of tests are perfect additional assessment tools.

Lease a temporary employee

The solution of hiring the workers employed by PBSG, however working for and under the management of the customer. This solution is ideal for recruitments of junior staff: cashiers, blue collar workers, production workers, etc. We also conduct mass recruitments by acquiring a large number of employees with similar qualifications. The advantages of this type of cooperation are as follows:

Flexible adjustment of the number of employees to current demand

Reduction of employment costs

Saving of valuable time

External HR

We offer comprehensive HR outsourcing services for your company. We conduct a full employee documentation

See what you gain working with us

drafting contracts of employment and civil law contracts (including contract work, contract of specific work, managerial contracts),

registration of employees and their family members in The Social Insurance Office (ZUS),

calculation and preparation of payroll,

monitoring of medical examinations and training on health and safety,

keeping full HR documentation for personnel in accordance with applicable laws and internal regulations,

keeping records of annual leave and sick leave,

preparation of certificates and other documents related to the employment,

preparation of annual declarations: PIT 4R, PIT 8A,

preparation of employee annual tax declarations: PIT 11,

employee tax settlement on his/her individual request (only in a situation when within billed accounting period the employee had no deductions and had only one source of income)

execution of seizures ordered by bailiffs

training on health and safety ordered by a company,

HR and payroll support focused on issues related to termination of employment

support of new entity, starting its business activity, in preparation mandatory regulations in accordance with the Labour Code.